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Fantastic <3

This was great! You did so well on the graphics and atmosphere. Got me good a few times :D I got mixed up on what candles to grab for the table haha so my bad but this game is really great. Thank you :) 

Loved it!


I need a number 2 man, I got some unhandled business lls

Really enjoyed this game. Hope you're able to expand the story and explain a lil more about the demon's backstory and motivation! Here's my playthrough on YT! 

My pants were off after playing this game... because the game scared the pants off me. I was really sad that the dog didn't make it to the credits. Scary game, looking forward for more!

Joguei o jogo e amei. Experiência curta porém assustadora! Obrigada pelo conteúdo.

I played the game and loved it. Short but scary experience! Thanks for the content.

I loved they incorporated a ouija board. I wish more games to incorporate it.

Good Short horror game & great graphic but better more jumpscare. wish you enjoy my gameplay. :)


how do i play the game

Thanks for the game, I have played please check it out!
My opinions about the game:
+Great graphics

+Great sound effects

+Interesting story

-Bugs,glitches when we touch the walls,doors

-Unnecessary Q and E keyboard combinations (hopefully will be usefull in full version)

-Very narrow flashlight

-Unnecessary wide camera view + character movement is extra slow.

-Could be better if we can open drawers

-So much waiting time during elevator, sitting on the sofa etc.

I think the one thing that scared me the most was the head glitch when your camera is inside the head and not in front XD. The rest of it was aesthetically creepy and I liked it. Reminded me of that cancelled Allison Road game.

(2nd game I play)

Cannot wait to see more. Great graphics and fear factor were apart of the game. I wish there was a little more towards the end but overall enjoyed the experience! 

This game is a must play for any fan of horror games!

The graphics were so impressive. Game had it all, tension, pacing, jumpscares and story. Thoroughly enjoyed as you can tell by my thumbnail.

Check out my video🙂

This was awesome! Love the whole experience and those graphics are amazing! Can't believe it was made in 2 days and can't wait to see the next chapter to learn more of the story!

Vidéo française du jeu !

What a fun little gem. Had great atmosphere. It did have a few graphical issues, like the garage reflecting in the elevator, and the sign above the store being see through. But nothing that would detract.

It did build tension, and the scene in the bedroom was done well as well as the Ouija board. 

My only gripe is, right when the tensions builds so we'll, the end just didn't capitalize it. If it became my dire or just a push to make me leave, would have helped. Overall pretty good, and a lot of of potential for a game made in two days

Muy buen juego, muy buenos sustos, ojalá no se hubiera muerto el perrito. El final deja mucho que desear.

ending not good maybe you can change than it will be good.

Can't believe the ending 😥

This ended up being damn creepy, nice work 

Full PLay No Commentary

Incredibly creepy vibe! This game definitely has potential! 👍

I played this game on my 'Quick Scares' series on my YouTube Channel! Check out the Gameplay below! 💀

wouldve given this game a 5/5 but i couldnt since we couldnt john wick the freaking demons a$$ after what happened! good game tho, hopefully a full release is in the process!


For a demo this was not bad at all. There is a bug though to where you can clip your head through walls and see outside of the map. Probably should fix that. Also, the door to the baby's room at a certain point (while it's closed) has no collisions. But overall, it wasn't bad loved the atmosphere. Made a video on it.

It was fun and well made! I can't explain why, but the apartment was creepy, especially with the slow walking speed as well as the darkness throughout the game and the silence too. The spooks were well made and the animations with the doggo was great and really added a lot to the game! 

The only thing I would suggest to update would be seeing through the walls as that can ruin some surprises for people if the accidentally see what is happening in the next room.

Other than that, the game was great and the work that went in shows! Great job!

Great game, had a fun time playing it (starts 4:04)

Cool concept, really well done for only 2 days work. The poor puppers though 🥺 

The camera was a bit weird to me though....

Poor puppy :(, otherwise interesting game

This game was very fun to play. The atmosphere, jumpscares, and storyline was pretty good. Here's my funny moments while playing (Starts 4:02) PLEASE CHECK OUT

Gameplay BR

Demo muito bem feita, parabéns

Better than Sex Dating...Game #3

Great game!

I really liked it. Creepy and suspenseful, the scares were mostly warranted, and it left a bit of confusion as well. Awesome job.

I was definitely a fan of this, a couple quick notes... WHY DERRICK? More seriously though can we get maybe the tiniest bit of mouse sensitivity adjustment? I found myself moving my arm like I was working out... Otherwise great little story, and well worth a playthrough! 3rd in this video.

0/5 the dog died.

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